Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cuty Beauty

Some things are so beautiful as to not need any words - but here are a few any way ..

Freckles, Bunny, Red Hair, soft clothes, dressed for bed....

Feather Soft

When feather soft can become hard-boiled.

I like feathers, I like to be feathered I'd like to be able to flutter and fly - but quite frankly that is not going to happen any-time soon.

Like Icarus I'd be unable to control my desire to get as high as I possibly could - and for me that would be very high indeed!

The lacy soft skirt works for me - it reminds of my bed linen - the feathers - well that would be like sinking into a soft feather bed at the end of a hard day's day. Would I wear anything under this? Most certainly not the feel of those dead birds against my skin - priceless. Like massaging myself with pigeons!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quilted Bed Head

Have you ever seen a more comfortable looking bed than this one? I just saw this bed on Tv and can only dream of watching television in Bed in this sort of custom comfort. Imagine banging your head against that headboard - I would love to try to knock myself out on it with a power pummel in bed. With that amount of padding it would be almost impossible to do yourself any damage!